Sue’s Hues Porcelain Paint – Dragon Fruit


Introducing SUE’S HUES Porcelain Paint by Miss Lillian’s!

Created by Miss Lillian’s in collaboration with Tanglewood Sue and specifically designed for artists, SUE’s HUES Porcelain Paint offers a unique selection of signature colors personally curated by Tanglewood Sue.

Key Features of SUE’s HUES Porcelain Paint by Miss Lillian’s:

  1. Intensely pigmented jewel toned colors for vibrant results.
  2. Seamless color mixing without any loss of vibrancy or muddiness.
  3. Fast-drying layers that facilitate blending while preserving underlying layers.
  4. Water-reconstitutable formula for advanced blending techniques.
  5. No need for priming or sanding—simply prep your surface with First Step Prep (Miss Lillian’s Cleaner and De-Glosser in one).

Directions for Use:

  1. Prepare your surface for painting.
  2. Dispense a small amount of paint and apply using brush tips.
  3. Layer multiple coats using the same or different colors.
  4. Utilize a mister to blend or reactivate the paint as desired.
  5. Once you achieve your desired look, seal the finished piece with Sue’s Wicked Wax or one of Miss Lillian’s Luster Topcoats.

Discover the endless creative possibilities with SUE’s HUES Porcelain Paint by Miss Lillian’s and elevate your artistry to new heights. Get started today and bring your visions to life with our exceptional chalk style paints!

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Sue's Hues Porcelain Paint - Dragon Fruit - 8 oz$20.90
Sue's Hues Porcelain Paint - Dragon Fruit - 16 oz$29.95