Fresh Drawers


Fresh Drawers is an all natural furniture oil made with Hemp Oil, Coconut Oil and Essential Fragrance Oil and was designed to revive, moisturize and deodorize dry and faded wood.  22 Wonderful Scents. *5 Special Holiday Scents

Blackberry Jam: sweet smell of sugared Blackberries

Citrus Bay: Coastal Citrus Scent with a splash of the Sea

Clean Linen: Fresh from the laundry smell

Cucumber Mint: Clean and Sweet with tones of Cucumber and Mint

Eucalyptus Mint: Sweet mint with healing Eucalyptus

Gardenia (Our Original Fresh Drawers): a Springtime Breeze of Gardenia’s

Glacier: A refreshing Wintery mix of Fresh Mountain Air, Sweet Honey, Vanilla and Peppermint

Heavenly: Subtle hues of summer time Lavender and Honeysuckle with a hint of Vanilla

Honeysuckle: A Southern breeze fragrant with Honeysuckle

Lavender Vanilla: Fragrant Lavender with a hint of Vanilla

Lemonade: Sweet aroma of Lemonade

Milk and Honey: A rich honey fragrance with subtle vanilla scent

Orange Slice: Sweet smelling sugared orange slices

Peony Rose: Vintage Sweet Peony Blossoms with a subtle hint of Roses

Tennessee Whiskey: Sandalwood with a hint of Bourbon

Texas Ranger: Cedar with a hint of Leather

Vanilla Pear: perfect combination of vanilla to sweeten fresh pear

*Holiday Scents: Holiday Wreath, Apple Cinnamon, Pumpkin Pie, Sugar Pear, Sangria

Can’t decide which scent?  Why not try one of our Fresh Drawers Sampler Sets?

Fresh Drawers may also be used over Moo Paint to seal and beautify your project.

Reapply Fresh Drawers regularly for continued protection.

Please CLICK HERE for Fresh Drawers Application Instructions

Fresh Drawers - Apple Cinnamon (Holiday Scent)$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Holiday Wreath (Holiday Scent)$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Pumpkin Pie (Holiday Scent)$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Sangria (Holiday Scent)$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Blackberry Jam$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Sugar Pear (Holiday Scent)$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Citrus Bay$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Clean Linen$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Cucumber Melon$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Eucalyptus Mint$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Gardenia$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Glacier$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Heavenly$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Honeysuckle$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Lavender Vanilla$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Lemonade$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Milk and Honey$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Orange Slice$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Peony Rose$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Tennessee Whiskey$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Texas Ranger$24.50
Fresh Drawers - Vanilla Pear$24.50