Miss Lillian’s NO WAX Chock Paint Announces Spring Fling Collection with 6 NEW Colors!

6 New NO WAX Chock Paint Colors Announced

Miss Lillian’s NO WAX Chock Paint, a leading supplier of Chalk Style Paint, has announced the addition of 6 NEW colors, bringing it’s Industry Leading range to 130 Beautiful and Vibrant Colors.

“We are excited about expanding our range of colors once again by introducing these 6 new paint colors.  These colors will join 6 of our current colors as part of our Spring Fling Promotional Lineup, which details about this will be announced soon ” said Marilyn Bean, Owner of Miss Lillian’s NO WAX Chock Paint, “The new colors are Kiss Kiss, Pineapple, Orange Fluff, Raspberry Sorbet, Sour Apple and Purple Pansy” added Miss Bean.

Our Spring Fling Collection will also include: Abyss, Jaded Parrot, Orange You Glad, Wild Violet, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Pixie Belle.

The 6 new colors are available in 8oz, 16oz and 32oz

To see more colors please visit the Miss Lillian’s NO WAX Chock Paint Shop

Chock Paint - Purple Pansy Chock Paint - Raspberry Sorbet Chock Paint - Sour Apple Chock Paint - Pineapple Chock Paint - Orange Fluff Chock Paint - Kiss Kiss

About Miss Lillian’s NO WAX Chock Paint – Chalk Style Paint

Miss Lillian’s NO WAX Chock Paint is created specifically to restore lost beauty to Furniture.  Our Chalk Style Paint is Self Leveling, has a BUILT IN SEALANT (So NO WAXING Ever!), VOC Free, Easy to Spray and Compliments All of Today’s Styles from Classic, Vintage and Antique Finishes to Modern and Trendy.



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