Miss Lillian’s Announces new paint color in support of Andy’s Chairs and Project Healing Waters

Miss Lillian’s NO WAX Chock Paints and Product is excited to announce or new partnership with Andy Arnold of Andy’s Chairs to support our disabled veterans through Project Healing Waters.

“We learned about Andy and his amazing chair’s a few months ago.  Andy is a special, talented young man with a Dream and so I created a custom paint color for him called ‘Andy’s Dream’.  It’s a beautiful Blue – his favorite color” stated Marilyn Bean, creator of Miss Lillian’s.  She continued “After we got to know more about Andy, his dreams and his family’s support of a great organization called Project Healing Waters, which helps and supports disabled veterans, we came up with the idea to promote and sell Andy’s Dream with all proceeds going towards this organization.  It’s our own way of showing our love and support for our veterans.”

Carolyn Arnold, Andy’s Mom, stated “Andy was so excited when he received his custom color ‘Andy’s Dream’ from Marilyn.  When the idea was suggested to partner with Miss Lillian’s to sell ‘Andy’s Dream’ paint with all proceeds going towards Project Healing Waters, an organization close to our heart, we were thrilled.” She added  “Our son, Tony, is a disabled veteran and he went out a few weeks ago with Project Healing Waters and had a great time out fishing on a fast boat with a regional director who loves soldiers with all of his heart. This is a great organization!”

Andy’s Dream is now available for purchase online.  100% of all proceeds are donated to Project Healing Waters.

Learn More about Andy Arnold and Andy’s Chairs HERE

Learn More about Project Healing Waters HERE

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