Kiellie’s Curated Collection

Kiellie’s Curated Collection

Introducing Miss Lillian’s Content Creator Curated Collection by Kiellie at the Unsupervised Junk Gypsy!

Each Curated Collection reflects the style and personality of the Content Creator!

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Miss Lillian’s NO WAX Chock Paint offers over 190 Beautiful and Vibrant Colors created specifically to restore lost beauty to Furniture or Project. Our Chalk Style Paint is Self Leveling, has a BUILT IN SEALANT (So NO WAXING Needed!), VOC Free, Easy to Spray and Compliments All of Today’s Styles from Classic, Vintage and Antique Finishes to Modern and Trendy.

No Stripping, Sanding, or Waxing Required!

Want to add some Sparkle or Subtle Embellishment to your Project? Check Out our Metallic Paints and Embellishments

We also Recommend for those ‘high traffic’ pieces (like tables, buffets, end tables…) you add an extra layer of Protection with one of our FINISHINGproducts.

Please CLICK HERE to see Instructions on How To Apply Miss Lillian’s NO WAX Chock Paint!

Miss Lillian's NO WAX Chock Paint - Enchanted Night$18.60$43.50
Miss Lillian's NO WAX Chock Paint - Italian Lace$18.60$43.50
Miss Lillian's NO WAX Chock Paint - Onyx$18.60$43.50
Miss Lillian's NO WAX Chock Paint - Plush$18.60$43.50